About Us

ilmswap.com supplies Pakistani students with high-quality educational resources. Simply select the class in which you are enrolled and you will be directed to all relevant study information, news, and materials. All of these items are typically supplied to pupils in order for them to achieve higher marks. Additionally, you can ask any study-related questions to our educationist.

For years, students have relied on printed textbooks to pass exams, but today we are working hard to transition print study materials to digital educational platforms. With this move, you will be able to readily obtain notes material from the convenience of your own home, as well as increased involvement.

Our digital notes are usually customized to meet the needs of a certain class. Our website is not only inexpensive for students to obtain notes, but it is also highly handy to use when compared to carrying books and paying for pricey tutors.

One of the most significant advantages of our digital education platform is that it makes student life easier by providing up-to-date test news and notes material that is valuable not only to students but also to teachers. These platforms not only assist students in obtaining study materials but also prepare them with the information and abilities necessary to get higher exam scores.

Who We Are?

With individualized remarks and recent result updates, an adaptive education platform has been found to considerably improve student grades. We’re also attempting to address each student’s unique challenges in terms of focused learning, study engagement, and student efficiency. Our platform assists kids in developing a caring and long-term future.

Our educationalist mentors assist students in improving their skills while also providing comprehensive notes and paper-solving approaches and advice. Our platform’s biggest feature is that you may access anything from notes to exam dates from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, the cost of hiring tutors has been reduced, thus our primary goal is to make education extremely affordable and effective.


Our primary goal is to ensure that every student, parent, teacher, and administration has free access to the necessary educational material. Parents and students may get better information on test date news with the use of this platform, and students can get more support from the comfort of their own homes to get good exam results.


Pupils and teachers gain from our digital education platforms because they provide learning tools to support and motivate autonomous students. Furthermore, our online education systems provide students with the option of replacing textbooks with a variety of online note resources.